Baracood for what type of balcony?
Why are Baracoods so expensive?

Regarding the price of Baracood you have to understand that I am a small entrepreneur and even if my project dates from 2010 with several prototypes at stake, I begin a manufacturing “on demand” “by the piece” it is tailor-made I have no stock suddenly my Fab price is itself huge …

The Baracood is made in France in Marseille with materials also purchased in France with French labor costs.

I have to make high prices because otherwise I could never make the medium series … If you are patient the prices will drop “one day” but I can not guarantee when …

Sincerely yours, Joaquim

Baraccod and co-ownership?

The Baracood is a balcony table so it is part of the co-ownership regulations, moreover it is easily removable so that you can use it if you need it …

However you can always ask the agreement to your co-ownership in principle and even possibly offer to equip the building with Baracood. We grant volume discounts.

Sincerely yours, , Joaquim

Is the use of Baracood dangerous?

In general, you must ensure that your balcony railing meets the regulations in force is 1 meter minimum height.

It is up to you to check that your railing is firmly anchored to the balcony floor, that there is no sign of wear and that overall the railing is not “shaky” “to the point of being able to give in under your weight.

You should also be careful not to drop any object above the vacuum in the same way you act when you don’t have a Baracood.

Baracood has a railing around its circumference of 15cm high + an interior shrinkage of 10cm so that an object, a glass, a plate, a flower pot cannot fall so easily and if it falls it falls to the ground. inside the balcony.

In reality you are more likely to have a glass slip from your hand if you are leaning on the balcony railing without Baracood.

I test myself my different prototypes in Marseille with sometimes gusts of wind over 100km … The Baracood does not flinch …

After that it is on that it remains a bar table with balcony so it is necessary to make a use of it so. The Baracood is great, you just have to use it with intelligence and be careful not to leave objects lying around in high winds even if the risk that the object in question flies off by itself and passes the 15cm railing height is unlikely.

Sincerely yours, Joaquim

Are there any risks in case of wind?

Baracood has an external guardrail 15 cm high there is no risk of flying away the objects that are on it after it is sure in case of a storm so do not have fun letting things drag which may fall unnecessarily. Even if after numerous tests if an object falls, it falls inside the balcony in 99.9% of cases. Sincerely yours, Joaquim

I have a cat can I use my Baracood?

With a Baracood the cat can safely sunbathe on the shelf, there is much less risk of falling than in normal times in reality.

However, you must remain vigilant with your pet, and avoid leaving it unattended. 🙂

Sincerely yours, Joaquim

Does Baracood withstand the weather?

The Baracoods are designed in oukoumé poplars intended for outdoor use. They are varnished with a marine varnish which allows them to resist bad weather: rain, snow, sea salt …

All the time, as part of its maintenance, we advise you to keep it well, to varnish it with a neutral marine varnish each year or if the need arises (it depends on your climatic conditions)

Sincerely yours, Joaquim