Baracood: the bar table for Balcony & Terrace:

Let yourself be seduced by this new and original concept, a bar table for balcony and terrace.

Optimizing the living space, enlarging the usable area of ​​your balcony, inventing a new living room … The Baracood philosophy is to offer you a new way of thinking, of living your balcony.

Starting from a simple observation: most balconies, especially in old buildings, Haussmanian buildings in particular, are too narrow to install a table and chairs, the baracood offers a practical, design and ergonomic solution so that you can live your balcony in a completely new way.

What is a Baracood?

It is a new bar type furniture, high table intended to be used on the railings of balcony & terrace.

Available in three versions:

  • Baracood 800 : 80 cm long by 30 cm deep. Ideal for 1/2 people and particularly suitable for small window guardrails.
  • Baracood 1200 : 120 centimeters long by 30 cm deep. Perfect for a 2/3 person standing eatery.
  • Baracood 1500 : 150 centimeters long by 30 cm deep. usable for 3/4 people on high stools or more for standing dinner aperitifs.

Baracood is delivered in a kit ready to be assembled and has an easily removable railing fixing system.

Baracood easily adapts to almost all railings on balconies and terraces with vertical bars, railings with decorative friezes in steel of the Haussmann type without the need for any transformation of the said railings. In certain cases, and on request, we can also provide a fixing kit for concrete guardrails, this one not having to exceed 15cm of thickness and requires on the other hand a drilling on the width of the concrete.

Made in France from mixed poplar / oukoumé wood intended for outdoor use, Baracoods have a layer of marine varnish which allows them to withstand weather conditions for several years. However, we advise you to return your Baracood each year with a neutral marine varnish. Available as an option, we can also offer you Baracoods in different colors.


Baracood and security

In terms of security, the Baracood has a guardrail around its 15cm high perimeter to prevent objects from falling over the void. Its 10 cm extension on the inside of the balcony also prevents these falls.

The balcony railing is clamped by the Baracood which is fixed securely by stainless steel screws with a diameter of 10mm, which means that the assembly can withstand wind gusts normally. However in case of extreme weather conditions announced by climatologists, strong wind, storms, hurricane we advise you to uninstall the baracood from your balcony terrace in order to avoid any risk of accident.

In general, the Baracood remains a bar table in order to be used as such, i.e. Eating, having a drink, placing a few small pots of flowers (10 / 15kg max), working with a computer where a book for example. In no case can you sit on it, or even pose a child, or stand on the table to obviously avoid any risk of falling. As such, in the event of inappropriate use, we cannot be held responsible for the risk of accident.

Finally, before equipping your balcony or terrace with a Baracood, you must make sure that your balcony railing meets regulatory safety standards (in particular 100cm in height), that it is well fixed to the balcony floor, that ‘It is in good condition and is not “rocky” to the point of being able to yield even without the use of Baracood even if it goes without saying.